Seeking the Light During Hanukah


Lit menorah, Israel

Although Hanukah is a rather small holiday, celebrating one particular historic battle, it has a pretty high profile because it occurs when most of the world is celebrating their “High Holyday,” Christmas.  And yet, there are some important messages in Hanukah.  One that touches me is the idea of finding light during a dark time.  In winter the days are short and, for many, cold.  Hanukah reminds us that even during the bleakest of times we can find light and warmth in unexpected places.  I found an article that, though a bit old, resonated with me.  Heidi Molnar, a writer living in New Jersey, describes in, “Interfaith Family,” her experiences rekindling her Jewish faith and traditions after her marriage to a Catholic and the adoption of her two daughters from China.  Although Heidi has intermarried, it is precisely because of her need to grapple with the religious upbringing of her daughters that she was able to return to her faith.  She also explains that her parents, as did many Holocaust survivors, wanted to escape their Judaism.  During this dark time of year, may we all find some light and warmth.

Chag Hanukah Sameach!


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