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Re-igniting Nazi Rhetoric: How Ben Carson is Crossing The Line

Ben Carson

Today’s New York Times features an opinion by Peter Wehner, “Why Ben Carson’s Nazi Analogies Matter.” Indeed Carson’s “Nazi-speak,” should raise red flags and warning bells for all Americans, regardless of political party affiliation.  His comparisons between the US and the Third Reich, and perpetuating the myth that Jews in Nazi Germany should have been armed to protect themselves is not only offensive but it is downright frightening. Whener’s point that Carson isn’t some fringe candidate but a mainstream contender makes this all the more ominous. What’s more, Wehner highlights Carson’s comparison of the Affordable Care Act to slavery and his suggestion that President Obama’s plans for America have their roots in Cuba, Russia and other places with a “Socialist/Communist base.” Please read Whener’s piece and share it.  Why Ben Carson’s Nazi Analogies Matter